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Our Newest Service: Mead Aircraft PARTS

When you need a part for a PA46 Aircraft, WE CAN FIND IT FOR YOU! Our team is second to none in their knowledge of quality Aircraft parts and tools to help you get the job done! Call 913-633-0909 or request a quote online TODAY!


We offer custom-designed and fabricated parts and tools that you can't find from other providers. During the course of years of successful work performing PA46 Aircraft maintenance and repair, Mead Aircraft Services has developed customized tools and parts to make your billable time and jobs simpler, more productive, and more cost-efficient! We also offer unique and difficult-to-find parts, many of which we maintain in stock. These specialized tools and parts may not be readily available anywhere else! Check our listings in the Parts & Tools section often for additions and frequent updates! 

When you need a part for a PA46 Aircraft, WE CAN FIND IT FOR YOU! 

Contact: Ward Blankenship at 913-963-0909

or email

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We have a NEW phone#:

1(888) 912 - MEAD


Call us today on our new easy-to-remember phone number.

We are happy to assist you in reaching all of our qualified and knowledgeable individuals in Service, Parts, and Sales!


Amy Heaven, Director of Sales

Mead Aircraft Sales, LLC.

Beginning January 2020, Mead Aircraft Sales, LLC Offers clients Brokerage, Acquisition Services, Aircraft Appraisals, Evaluations, and Transition Management Services.

Kansas City Metro based, our focus is on the cabin-class, pressurized, single-engine aircraft with emphasis on the venerable Piper PA46 platform. Ownership Transition Management Services include the Piper Malibu and Mirage aircraft, however, the power-house 500SHP Turbine Meridian is center stage along with the latest generation of M500 and M600.

 “Amy Heaven has been a long-time friend and associate of Mead Aircraft Services. We have a great deal of mutual respect, and this seems to be the ideal time to establish a formal relationship between Amy’s aircraft sales expertise and Mead Aircraft Services-KC. Mead Aircraft Sales, LLC  will help us in creating a more complete range of the highest quality Aircraft services,” said Kevin Mead.

This centralized location offers great accessibility for PA46 owners all over the United States. Known for top-quality work since 1998, Mead Aircraft Services - Kansas City will continue providing a full spectrum of services including:

  • PA46 Series Maintenance

  • Pre-purchase Inspections

  • Annual Inspections

  • Repairs

Mead Aircraft Services Kansas City is also proud to announce

Ed Rowe will be a partner in his new venture. Mead and Rowe are combining their efforts and expertise to build a PA46 Center with industry-leading maintenance and truly innovative customer service. 

Call us today to schedule an appointment and discover what sets us apart!

Kevin Mead, President and Chief Mechanic of Mead Aircraft Services, Mead has been in the aircraft industry for over 35 years. In 1998 Kevin founded Mead Aircraft Services (MAS), focusing exclusively on PA46 Series Aircraft. Performing everything from incidental maintenance, modifications, engine repairs and replacement, major airframe repairs, annuals and pre-purchase inspections, expert testimony, consultation with insurance companies, and emergency services. Mead has also been a technical advisor for the MMOPA (an advocacy group for PA46 owners), since 1990. Mead lectures widely in the US and Europe on PA46 maintenance topics, teaches mechanical training courses, and currently authors many articles published in the industry.


Ed Rowe, a contract and maintenance pilot, has been working in aviation for over 30 years. He began as a flight instructor, working his way up to Chief Flight Instructor and Charter Pilot. Rowe has been flying and managing PA46 aircraft for 15 years and has accumulated over 7,000 hours in the Malibu fleet. His interactions with maintenance shops over the years brings a new and valued perspective to MAS.

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